3 new padel courts installed by xtreme in france

3 new padel courts installed by xtreme in france


Earlier this year we were requested a very interesting quote: installation of 3 padel courts over an old tennis court located inside the recreational area of Ile de Loisirs in Cergy-Pontoise, only 35 km away from Paris, with over 250 hectares of nature and sports and leisure facilities and more than 40 activities, now with padel amongst those.

We have to submit our bid for the public tender, in joint venture with Polytan France Enterprise, our partner in France, that will be in charge of the civil construction while Xtreme will send the budget item related to the padel courts. It’s not going to be easy to win this tender, there are other bids and we have to offer great quality at best price to get it.

It’s the moment of truth! and our partners call to confirm that we have been awarded the contract! We got it! Now it’s time to start working hard to keep to the deadlines of manufacturing and installation and the agreed quality and price.

Our factory is rumbling due to all the orders they already had and now they have to figure out how to manufacture some more courts. Our Factory Manager, alongside the Sales and Purchasing Department, manage to reorganize every order to get this one done in time:

  • 3 “Standard Club XTR” doubles padel courts:
    • Structure in green (RAL 6005)
    • Green synthetic turf
    • 12 mm tempered glass

We didn’t have to manufacture lighting poles neither installing floodlights because the location already had the tennis court lighting system and they were keeping that for the new padel courts.

It’s time to leave for France and our team has everything ready to go. Our colleagues, Javi, Andriy and Mihai, leave on the 17h of June to Cergy to begin the construction works. Once they get there, they check the civil construction done by Polytan and everything is perfect to continue with the padel court installation the next day.

In just one week all 3 padel courts are finished: structure installed, tempered glass assembled and synthetic turf layed out with the sand infill spread all over it. Everything ready for the big opening of the courts, conducted by the major of Cergy-Pontoise and the Sports Councillor. Not even the heat wave crossing Europe could delay our colleagues great work. Well done! We are sure that these new padel courts will be very appreciated and enjoyed every summer season by thousands of visitors at Ile de Loisirs in Cergy-Pontoise.

This is for now our last work in France. Other sports courts installed by Xtreme in France are:

– Club Le Wam en Wambrechies:  one of the best racket clubs in France where Xtreme installed 2 doubles padel courts in March 2016. Specifics:

  • Metallic structure, RAL color 7021
  • Fibrillated synthetic turf, in blue
  • 10 mm tempered glass
  • 8 x 200W LED floodlights
  • Fabric shade structure installed by our partner Icomplus

 – Camping Le Club Farret en Vias Plage: inside this beautiful camping, located in the Mediterranean coast of France, nearby Montpellier, Xtreme installed one doubles padel court in March 2019. Specifics:

  • Metallic structure, RAL color 7040
  • Monofilament synthetic turf, in blue
  • 12 mm tempered glass
  • 8 x 150W LED floodlights

You can see photos of all these courts in Our Pojects. If you have a project in France and you are looking for padel court manufacturers, contact our sales agent in France: Bruno Person | brunoperson@bats-france.com | (+33) 06 18 94 05 87

Padel is growing fast in France and we will continue working to spread this vibrant sport there and everywhere in Europe. Next week we are travelling to Tours (France) to install 2 padel courts inside Central Club, a racket sports facility.

We will keep you posted on our next travels and works building sports all over Spain and Europe!