Maintenance Service



Our Maintenance Service guarantees that our products are kept always in the best conditions, even under the most intense work performance. 

Preventive Maintenance

Our Technical Department runs periodical maintenances at the client’s request, according to the existing equipment and the needs of the facilities, thus preventing the deterioration of the equipment and future break-downs


A specialized technician will go to the facilities to make the necessary repairs within 48 hours since the notification of a break-down





We offer an additional Maintenance Service for sports courts to guarrantee that they are kept as good as new.

 We check each and every part of the court, whether it has been made by Xtreme or not. According to the evaluation of our technicians, we will proceed to repair or replace the components when repairing is not viable:

fencing and metallic structure - turf - sand - nets - glass - flooring




 Our team of especialists provides a Maintenance Service with a double function:

- Preventive: periodical maintenances to prevent deterioration.

- Repair: our technicians check every component and proceed to repair o replace with new ones if repairing is not possible.

 Let us extend in time the life of your court. This is an easy and unexpensive way to keep your courts perfectly much longer