Full Assembly

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Of ALL the equipment:


  • Changing rooms with lockers and benches, as well as Spas and wet and dry saunas
  • Cardio and strength training rooms, with cardio machines, strength training equipment, body toning and free weight bench systems
  • Group fitness rooms with all the accesories needed in aerobics: steps, body pump, dumbells, pilates balls, floor mats, etc
  • Sports flooring




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1. Manufacturing and painting of the metallic structure in our factory

2. Next step: the trench, the slab and finally the porous concrete

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3. Assembling and fixing the metallic structure

4. Fixing the tempered glass to the metallic structure


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5. It is time to roll out and overlay the artificial turf
6. We apply pressure to ensure the right drying of the adhesive


montaje7 8_B


7. Apply infill to the artificial turf

8FINAL RESULT: the courts are ready to play on