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area fitness


Due to our experience in several sports fields, we are able to cover all possible needs of equipment and service of any fitness and sports center, from private gyms to public sports facilities and in all the aspects of their equipment: 


We carry out projects to provide all sorts of equipment for sports facilities, from the initial consulting services to the final installation:


  • Manufacture of Isotonic Equipment: We have three different lines to best suit every customer needs: EUROPA, ANATOMIC y EVO3
  • Distribution of cardiovascular equipment and all sorts of sports accessories




We specialize in padel court construction, which are also manufactured in our factory: 


  • Experience in several types of padel courts: wall, glass, individual, padel courts for kids, etc
  • We offer our clients Maintenance Service and repair work
  • Construction of other types of sports courts: such as tennis courts, basketball courts, multisport courts, etc